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와인페어링 서비스에 대한 고객의 감각적 체험이 PAD 감정을 거쳐 고객의 만족, 재방문의도에 미치는영향: S-O-R 모델을 기반으로


2022. 03

이예솔, 강지현,& 이충훈

The study was conducted to verify the impact of the sensory experience(stimulus) of wine pairing services at five-star hotel restaurants and the effects of PAD emotions(organism) on customer satisfaction and revisit intention(response) based on the S-O-R model. It analyzed how visual sense, auditory sense, and taste sense affect PAD emotions, how PAD emotions affect customer satisfaction, and how satisfaction affect revisit intention. A total of 270 questionnaires was used for the empirical analysis. The analysis method consisted of confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation model analysis of the AMOS program. The analysis found that taste factors among sensory experience factors have a positive effect on dominance, pleasure, and arousal emotions, while visual factors have a positive effect on dominant emotions. PAD emotions have a positive influence on customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction with the wine pairing service of the hotel restaurant has been found to have a positive impact on the revisit intention. The implication of this study is that in order to maintain the wine pairing service of luxury hotels, it is necessary to attract customer’s taste, and to that end, we should continue to maintain and develop the taste of wine that goes well with the signature dishes of hotel restaurants. Also, customer's PAD emotions are related to customer satisfaction, and in particular, pleasure is a factor that greatly affects customer satisfaction, which requires various attempts to entertain customers while providing wine pairing services.

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